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Expedition parka TS020:

Modify your look this chilly season with this high-class faux fur padded parka jacket. This top quality produce parka is not only a key fashion piece and will certainly fail to only be an addition to your winter weather stockpile, but will additionally supply the right amount of coziness to always keep you cosy for the remaining winter. It is black so it will go with every outfit in your wardrobe, making this beautiful jacket a great investment for winter, will also bring a huge amount of attention to you as this parka looks remarkable. This particular piece is not only good quality along with its external coating made out of 100% polyester with a PVC coating, filling also 100% polyester and lining 100% nylon material, but is at low cost which is exceptional in case you wish to produce, company Logo Apparel for a tight budget plan, it is also amazing for company branded clothing and when money is tight and yet you are in need of a desirable coat to keep you warm and cozy. This specific promotional outfits product varies from size S(36″) to 2XL(46″) and weighs 118gsm; shell: 40gsm, padding: 228 gsm and lining: 50gsm. is a great piece for your wardrobe, it is long lasting thus people can most likely use it this cold season, then pack away it away for the winters months yet to come which will save you hard earned cash from needing to obtain another jacket next year. This coat has buttons down the front, delivers a full chin shield, is fully lined and has brown faux fur on the hood and has draw cords on the waistline to provide a fitted silhouette, there is no chance of freezing or not appearing good in this parka. Contact us for a quote today for all your branding needs